75 meters above sea level

Lambrusco Dell'Emilia Rosso IGP,

La Fogarina Rosso Frizzante Secco, IGP

natural - organic

Reggio Emilia - Emilia-Romagna - Italy

Just when you think you are lost in the floodplains of the Po River in Reggio Emilia, you find the Alberici's family farm. In a small village outside of Gualtieri, Arianna Alberici stands waiting for us with her big smile. With perfect timing arrived her father, Amilcare, on the tractor and  wearing his overalls, sporting the tan of the life he knows best.  Arianna gets her good natured smile from him.  They show us their farm, talk about their grandparents and their love of this land, and show us the barn; in no time we are invited in their home to taste the wines with some home made finely sliced salumi.   

Arianna is creative, expressive and eager to engage is conversation. Her father, again with the perfect timing, chooses his fewer words carefully and places them just when needed.  Their wines are as interesting and true to the soil as they are. These are people worth listening to, worth getting lost for, worth representing. 

If  you are searching for an easy Lambrusco that goes down like Kool-aid, this is not for you. Deep people make deep wines; we are talking layers of bewitching depth.  Lambrusco, Chardonnay (Nanna loved this grape so her loving husband planted it) and Fogarina grow neatly in well kept rows, waiting to be crafted into some of the most interesting frizzantes made in the classico method, with natural fermentation in the bottle. Everything is done naturally, by the hands of the Alberici's- from pruning to bottling; it's a work of love that you can see in their smiles.



Casalone Lambrusco Dell'Emilia Rosso IGP

It's not often that we find a lambrusco that strikes a perfect cord between plush ripeness and structured dryness. This lambrusco shows incredible weight and depth, coating the palate in ripe purple fruit, followed by an immensely dry and lengthy finish. 

A lambrusco made for pairing, this bottling is at its best next to charcuterie plates, roasted vegetables, and stinky cheeses. 


La Fogarina Degli Artiste Vino Rosso Frizzante Secco, IGP

Made from 100% fogarina, a grape thought to be extinct in the Emilia-Romagna region but resuscitated by the Alberici family, this frizzante offers a completely fresh take on lambrusco, showing tart currant and slightly vegetal qualities in juxtaposition to purple berry ripeness. Bright with a balanced acidity, this bottle is a breath of fresh air from the candy-sweet lambruscos of yesteryear.  Some years it labeled with the fun artistic happy glasses and other years it has the drawing of a fawn done by their beloved uncle who passed years ago.  Either way- it is fab and worthy to sing about.