Where ever Brendan is there is laughter in the air, sometimes it might just be only his, but the one thing we all know, it’s contagious! Brendan is matchvino’s new kid on the block, while not Italian, he was bitten hard and now has an incurable case of Italophilia . When not working he enjoys dinner & drinks with friends, weekend hikes, reminiscing about his Roman holiday that lasted 7 years, or trying to figure out if it’s orange or green or purple, if you force his hand he’d say it’s blue, just go along with him. His quick wit, hustle, pure interest in people, and love for food & wine (pass the red please) make Brendan a pleasure to be around and asset to out team.

Fun fact: He played for Team Italia on their National Lacrosse team in the 2010 World Championships

(which may be why he earned the nickname il cinghiale biondo)

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