Cantina Bolzano     Piazza Gries, 2, 39100 Bolzano, Italy

“YOUNG AND FULL OF VISION FOR THE FUTURE,” is how Cantina Bolzano views themselves. Nonetheless, this co-op is rich with history and traditions, the best of both worlds, you could say.  After the merger in 2001 with the wine producers of Gries (since 1908) and Santa Maddalena (since1930), Cantina Bolzano is one of South Tyrol’s top-quality wineries. Impressing combining 320 hectares of Bolzano’s preeminent vineyards that lay between 240 and 800 meters above sea level. The united grapes of 200 steadfast growers ensure Cantina Bolzano’s high-quality wines. These are wines that have been rewarded not only with high praise from many of the most influential trade media, but have also earned high honors from an assortment of prestigious and coveted wine awards throughout Italy and the USA.    tech sheets