Capolino Perlingieri

Azienda Agicola Capolino Perlingieri Via marraioli, 58 82037 - Castelvenere (BN)

The 1992, “Campania” chapter of the admired Gambero Rosso Italian Wine Guide began by lamenting the closure of Capolino’s previous wine-making establishment, Azienda Agricola Volla. A small business but one which many a time merited the “two glasses” rating. Her father’s dealth and her mother’s health problems combined with the lack of any descendants ready to take over inevitably led to the regrettable decision to close. More than 20 years passed and a new life to thefamilies legacy continues with Alexia Capolino Perlingieri at the helm.  She produces indigenous varieties from Sannio region, organically farmed, hand picked, with very low yields.

Her 13 hectares of vineyards are found in Solopaca, in a province of Benevento (Sannio), at a height of between 200 and 300 meters. The soil is clayey, the summer is intense and the winter harsh. Alexia started in the fields, renewing, replanting and learning from the areas best old time farmers. Gaining their respect and understanding she built back what her family was famous for. She works hard with a handful of farmers who have become like family – together theygrow: Aglianico, Sciascinoso, Greco, Fiano and Falanghina. Her wines are as expressive and individual as she is- a gem of a woman making wines that are irreplaceable.

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"Preta" Falanghina del Sannio D.O.C.

Made from low yielding vines, this Falanghina del Sannio D.O.C. wine shows the ripeness often associated with Southern Italian styles. What differentiates this bottling from the rest is the balance of fine grained acidity and a persistent bright fruitiness that brings focus and clarity to the wine. Because of the quick-ripening nature of grapes in Campania, many producers in the Sannio area took to the mass markets with their wines. Alexia Perlingieri followed in her father’s footsteps and deviated from this route, making high-quality and focused wines that show both expression of terrior and purity of varietal.

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"Vento" Greco del Sannio D.O.C.

The “Vento” bottling shows a soft, complex palate, punctuated by yellow fruits and herbs. A flavor profile often associated with Greco and with this bottle in particular is “Mediterranean maquis,” which is common in this area. Maquis is the Italian iteration of garrigue, but is a term that is also often used to refer to any coastal Mediterranean brush, including mint, laurel, olive, and fig. In the case of “Vento,” a lovely herbaceousness plays throughout the core of the palate, cushioned by ripe pear and candied apple notes.

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"Nembo" Fiano del Sannio D.O.C.

The Fiano grape has been long recognized in the wine world as offering a lovely range of aromatic and flavor potential. Bright acidity in its youth makes the fiano grape ageworthy, with a particularly intriguing development trajectory. Often green and white fruit dominate the palate, but Perlingieri’s iteration of this interesting grape shows some of the flavors that often don’t develop until years into the wine’s life: Indian spice, honey, and nut notes dance along the palate, accompanied by a bright white fruit acidity and a persistent ripe finish. Lovely in its youth and capable of aging well into the future, “Nembo” offers a glimpse into the fascinating potential of fiano.

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"Vignarosa" Rosato 

Perlingieri’s rosé offering, “Vignarosa” expresses lovely ripe red fruit and citrus throughout its nose and palate. Straightfoward, with a long fruity finish, this wine is delightful beside fresh fruit salads, citrus, soft white cheeses, and works perfectly as an aperitif. Aglianico functions in this wine to provide structure and acidity, while sangiovese rounds out the bottling with soft, fresh fruit and length. A perfect summer wine for those who prefer a little more density and roundness to the palate. 

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"Sciasci" Sannio Rosso

Perlingieri’s “Sciasci” offers the structure and boldness of a classic aglianico with a softer, sweeter roundness to it that makes this bottling a little more accessible for everyday. “Sciasci” shows lovely balance between the power and intensity of aglianico and the gentle, playful red fruit notes of the varietal Sciascinoso, which is indigenous to the Campania region. Fine grained tannic texture leads through the finish, leaving the palate pleasantly coated with spice, red fruit, and bitter earth. Rustic with layers of spicy complexity, this wine begs for fun foods like pizza, spaghetti bolognese, or meatballs.


"Talento" Aglianico del Sannio D.O.C.

The most distinguished of Perlingieri’s red wines, “Talento” shows aglianico that offers both intensity and elegance. Central to aglianico’s genetic makeup, powerful tannins give the wine structure and power while the winery’s aging process helps bring fruit and spice to the forefront of the palate. Lovely dense red and black fruit line the palate while the tannins help channel notes of cinnamon, graphite, and bitter chocolate. Excellent with hearty roasts, stewed meats, and strong cheeses.