Cascina Praié

8 hectares

350 - 500 meters above sea level

-Riviera Ligure di Ponente-

Pigato doc, Vermentino doc, Rossesse doc,

Granaccia doc, Lumassina igt


 Marina di Andora
Savona - Liguria - Italy 

Cascina Praié  is set high in the rustic hills, overlooking the sea of western Liguria, half way between Nice and Genova in Riviera Ligure di Ponente.  It is here in the steep rock that grower/producer Massino Viglietti produces most memorable wines.

 Pigato and Vermentino, Liguria’s most famous grapes, are the back bone of this family run winery, but they also aims to revive a number of the region’s oldest but less well-known varieties, such as lumassina, barbarossa,  granaccia and rossese; all of which have historic roots. The vienyards of Cascina Prarié sit in the midst of a splendid micro-climate. High hills facing the sea, kissed by the sun and tucked in with the cooling winds that blow down from the Alps and the northern Apennines protecting the area from humidity and result in the finest wines the region has to offer.

Cascina Paraié has 8 of the 12 hectares dedicated to vineyards, ranging from the youngest Cervo site, which has only recently begun producing, to the older Colla Micheri vineyards dating back to the 1970s. The winery is not officially certified for organic production but its cultivation and vinification protocols are based on the most stringent natural production parameters. Several wines are fermented naturally with ambient yeasts, while others use basic, strictly non-GMO, cultured yeasts.

Pigato F.jpg

Pigato "il Canneto"    DOC

Aromatic with notes of spice and mustard seed and rich in texture. Honey, great acid- round and full. There was no mistaking this wine as anything other than pigato. 36-72 hours of skin contact, soft pressed. Half done in Austrian acacia barrels with some botanage, which give the wine a little creaminess and some great baking spice notes. 

800 cases


Vermentino "Colla Micheri"   DOC

Fresh, round, salty nose of white herbs, zest, and crushed rocks. Fuller mouth, rolling silk with long mouthwater flavors and a good dose of acidity. Equally  hand harvested from south/southwest facing andora and testico vineyards, 150 meters above sea level; organic grapes de-stemmed vinified on-the-skins with a  maceration in a press for 12 hours.
Temperature-controlled fermentation, followed by racking, storage in steel with lees stirring and no filtering until the wine is bottled. A small amount of must-wine from the same parcel is added prior to bottling, as a liqueur to give 2g/l of sugars.
Cultured yeasts.

1,600 cases

Rossese F.jpg

Rossese 'Stundaio"  DOC

 OK this is fun! From the Cervo vineyards 220 meters above sea level. Violets dance, with ripe stewed cherries and fruits with zippy, juicy tannins. Crisp ocean air freshness.  Hand harvested in small boxes to preserve the soft thin skins. Fermentation is started under the skins, then finished without. Bottled after filtration, 2 months of bottle age. 
Production 400 cases


Granaccia F.jpg

Granaccia "Sciurbi"   DOC

100% grenache from Andora and Cervo vineyards. A bigger deep berry Grenache made in a ripe and serious way. Touches of flowers, and rind. Grippy velvets with long tannins, a perfect food wine.  

After de-stemming, the grapes are moved to a vat containing dry ice,  followed by mild carbonic maceration, three days of cold pre-fermentative maceration, then the temperature is increased. The alcohol fermentation is started using natural yeasts, with the first racking after three-four days. The wine is moved to tonneaux of various woods to complete alcohol fermentation and ensuing malolactic fermentation, with return to steel for aging, light filtering and bottling.
400 bottles