Oltrepò Pavese
Pavia - Lombardy - Italy



Oltrepò Ravese Metodo Classico DOCG  "  'More "

Pinot nero 100%; it's a very pleasant sparkling wine, from a certain exemplary point of view, because it expresses all the multifaceted potential of Pinot Noir, structured and elegant at the same time. A great classic method, which passes on lees for at least 36 months, can be combined with any meal.

Bright straw-colored, fine and persistent perlage. An elegant and complex mineral nose, marked by a very pleasant fruity texture. In the mouth it is structured, with splendid freshness and sapidity in perfect balance. Elegant.


Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico Rosé DOCG " 'More" 

And it also comes in pink, and why not? Pinot nero 100%; Rosé sparkling of the most elegant soft ballet color. As with the Blanc de Noir, it too possesses and brilliantly shows off all that the grape can do.    Structured, elegant, classic; with a fine and persistent perlage.  A true winner. 


Oltrepò Pavese Barbera DOC "Dodicidodici"

Eight months of big barrel and eight months of bottle: come together to make a pure Barbera Oltrepò Pavese. Fragrant and balanced, enveloping and fruity, fresh and harmonious, finishing with pleasant scents given by the passage in wood.  It is an extremely pleasant Barbera, intriguing and interesting, to be discovered and appreciated in all its smallest nuances. It is a Barbera that you never get tired of.



Oltrepò Pavese Barbera DOC "La Maga"

A soft and elegant wine that inhabits  the best, most authentic of the characteristics of Barbera. A wine with character,  and the leader of the line of reds from  Castello di Cigognola.  A wine that, over the years, has earned excellent support from the trade press. An ideal red for more structured foods such as meats or aged cheeses.