20 hectares

375 meters above sea level

Reisling Renato doc, Bonarda doc


Oltrepò Pavese
Pavia - Lombardy - Italy

Oltrepò Pavese has a particular climate that sees the best of all worlds. Situated below the Po River in Lombardy, this area was once the place to ‘summer’ for the nobles and wealthy of Milano and Genova. Scattered castles and grand homes dot the hills that are covered with a high density vineyards. You would think that we would hear more about this eager area that makes killer Riesling, Pinot Nero, Bonarda and is some of the best sparkling wines in Italy. Thanks to its particular climate: mildly ventilated summers, dry and not remarkably cold winters, a balanced amount of rain, and a just day to night temperature range. The clay and limestone soil is in tune with aromatic qualities of these grapes.

DeFilippi - i Gessi dates back to 1907. The first generation produced wine for families in neighboring countries. From 2000 to the present, production has been further improved, increasing ownership of the vineyards. Vineyard management and vinification are carried out using the most modern technologies, respecting traditions, passion and the environment. The family is at the heart of the company- Emilio and Fabbio do it all from the vineyards to the cellar. Tradition and passion are now being passed down to the fifth generation with Alessandro and Federico.


Riesling Oltrepò Pavese DOC

A gratifying part of our job is when we find a wine that can both please and surprise the numerous oenophiles we work with. It is no lesson that Italy is no Germany when it comes to Riesling until you meet this one! DiFilippi’s Riesling can stump even the best wine aficionados, it is classic German style. Vinification, well that is classic, too. The bunches undergo a short cold maceration on the skins. The must then ferments at a controlled temperature of 15 ° C to preserve the varietal aromas. Aged for a minimum of 6-8 months in the bottle. In the glass- straw yellow with green reflections and a nose that can stand up to solid German Rieslings- very pleasant, elegant with fruity and floral notes.

YIELD: 70 quintals per hectare

ALCOHOL: 13.00 % Vol


Bonarda Dell’Oltrepo Pavese Doc (Frizzante)

There are Bonarda’s out there that really should just not be. This is NOT one of them. A dear lunch, easy dinner, picnic-style wine that is best served chilled and with fun friends. The making of this is quite simple- a seasoned winemaker, organic grapes, location, location, location and some good fermentation. The must ferments in stainless steel vats, where maceration takes place with the skins for 7 days. Thanks to the fermentation in autoclave they get a slightly sparkling wine. No aging is needed. This is a fresh wine with a deep ruby hue, well balanced and with excellent structure. Elegant with typical Croatina cherry flavors.

YIELD: 90 quintals per hectare

ALCOHOL: 13.50 % Vol


SLOW WINE (2016) - SLOW WINE: 2014 vintage being typical, floral, fruity, really a glass of territory