Vini Daino


Sicily - Italy

The wines of eastern Sicily have really come alive in recent years thanks to people like Gianfranco Daino with the guidance of Salvo Foti. Drawing upon ancient farming techniques of the region, all of the nero d’avola, frappato, and alicante vines of Gianfranco Daino are trained as bushes; the air circulates around the vines and allows for the growth of natural ecosystems in the vineyards. Gianfranco Daino is an award winning winemaker committed to organic and biodynamic practices; the wine represents the care and passion of his hard work. As part of the I Vigneri consortium, where they take their field work to a new level of care, the wine is made in the vineyard, not in a lab; true wine rich with sun and soil.

Daino - Fronte 2015-1.jpg


Cultivation of three Sicilian indigenous grape varieties - Nero d'Avola, Frappato, Alicante - has given rise to Suber, a wine with an intense red colour and distinctive, complex, highly aromatic taste. Combination of the three varieties gives the wine body and character. The contribution of the Nero d'Avola is an aroma of red fruits, such as blackberries or mulberries; the Frappato adds an aftertaste of yellow peach; the Alicante gives Suber alcoholic strength and enriches it with a hint of fragrant spices.



. . . coming Spring 2019