Fattoria Nannì

6 hectares

500 meters above sea level

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi doc


Macerata - Marche Italy

We met Roberto Cantori in the winter of 2019 at his vineyard in the hills of Apiro. It took us some time getting there, Fattoria Nannì is a hidden gem, off a winding country dirt road. Roberto is charming, lots of passion and energy, with a calm nature about him. This guy makes the finest Verdicchio we have ever had! But before we go there, let's chat about the history of his lands.

The vineyard is in Arsicci (Apiro, Macerata), smack in the heart of the Marche region and not so far up the hill from where Roberto grew up and calls' home.' Apiro is in the rolling foothills of the Apennine. Ancient hills that have fount over kings and religious domination, lands of nobles worked by peasants. The vineyards are in a perfect micro-climate much higher than most Verdicchio Dei Castelli di Jesi DOC vineyards. Across the valley is Monte San Vicino, a beacon in these hills. The land belonged to a notorious rebel who found this gem of land, planted Verdicchio, and cared for it organically back in the 1960s. People were in disbelief, thinking his location would be far from anything real. He was a man before his time; when others went left, he went right, when others planted to the east, he planted north - with the total understanding and respect of the microclimate. Roberto grew up hearing the stories. When moon aligned, he bought the land, and in honor, he continues to grow only Verdicchio, only in tune with the nature that assists him. Production is at 4,000 bottles (2018) though he was room to grow.

2019 is Roberto Cantori's, 3rd harvest of old vine Verdicchio. With his parents assistance, Dad was the town Butcher, and his mother has a hair salon (makes sense, the kid has great hair) he bought lands, built a winery and now building Fattoria Nanni's reputation for the best Verdicchio, all while increasing the understanding of what you can really do in the hills of the Marche. This guy is as golden as his wine!