Gabriele Scaglione

"I was born in the little town of Canelli, in Piedmont, halfway between Langhe and Monferrato wine growing regions.  The rolling hills are bursting with vineyards where you can’t help but ‘breathe in’ the wonderful scent of the harvest…" 

Gabriele’s vineyards, nestled in ideal locations throughout the Langhe and Roero regions, flourish with indigenous varietals of distinct quality; with the utmost attention to terrior and climate he grows moscato, arneis, nebbiolo, and barbera. His pure affection for wine, arts, and great food brought him back to his roots, back to where his family has made their home for generations. It is here, in the Langhe and Roero that he grows his vineyards and dedicates his passion to bringing excellent quality wines to international markets with pride.

After years in the wine world, working for major producers, he left the rat race for a more authentic way of life. Attention to details is the cornerstone of his business- the land, the sun, the care in the fields: these are the building blocks on which to build quality wines.  Absolute minimal use of pesticide treatments- all these elements combined to offer unique wines that have the richest aromas and flavors. These are wines capable of seducing and expressing great emotions. And who doesn’t enjoy a spirited seduction from time to time?      tech sheets

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“Ottimo Con il Pesce e….” Roero Arneis DOCG

From it’s straw yellow color to it’s delicate nose of white flowers and fruits this is a wine that should be enjoyed everyday. This Roero Arneis is fresh, dry, lightly herbaceous with a playful persistence that keeps a smile on your lips.

Pair this youthful wine with lighter seafood dishes, oysters and crustaceans. Also appreciate it with cheese and white meats and, as always, with people you cherish. 

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“Ostinatamente” Roero Arneis DOCG

Intense straw yellow color,  Ostinatamente (Stubbornly) has a slight amber glow that catch the sunlight brilliantly.  It’s a Roero Arneis that necessarily does not need to be drunk while still young- give it time. The nose is eager, but graceful, with hints of flowers and fruit-reminiscent of a summer’s walkon a country road.  The crisp flavors of fresh herbs with subtle hints of flowery fruit is most refreshing. Despite its delicate nature, it is full bodied with a notable persistence and a soft finish.

This ‘little rascal’ goes nicely with a light antipasti, fish, as the label hints, simply prepared and Crustaceans, as well as regional asparagus dishes from Alba and medium and well seasoned cheese.

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"Passeggiando in Vigna" Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

"Walking in the Vineyard" early one morning, I came across a small hedgehog foraging for bugs. While reaching for him, he darted away between the rootstock and wildflowers bringing vivacity to the tranquil vines. This wine is dedicated to the small animals that make the vineyard their home and playground. An elegant wine of garnet red color, with aromas of forest fruits and hints of spice. It is dry with well balanced tannins and a delicate finish.

Scaglione’s Nebbiolo is a go for food pairing: try it with antipasti or everyday foods such as a lambburger with fresh tomato, mint and feta. Perfect for beef tenderloin with fresh herbs and mushrooms, as well as, stronger aged cheeses. 

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“Il Quattro Conigli Bianchi” Barbera d'Alba DOC

‘The Four White Rabbits” is fresh and fragrant in it’s youth. Given time this Barbera d’Alba, is enhanced with hints deepripe plums and juicy berries. Dry, full and well structured with the perfect amount of oak.  This Barbera will not club you over the head. ‘Quattro Conigli’ gracefully walks the tightrope between sweet fruit and mouthwatering acidity. A classic Barbera d’Alba, produced from the grapes of single vineyard in  d’ d’Alba, low yield, harvested by hand.

Perfect for many of your favorite foods, especially those favorites that tend to be rich and fattier.  lasagna, risotto, roasted and grilled red meats with porcini mushrooms, seasoned cheeses, but also serve it with pizza with roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts or a light meal of Minestrone soup.

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“Tutto Dipende da dove Vuoi Andare” Langhe Rosso DOC

"It all depends on where you want to go" is Gabriele Scaglione’s first wine- the wine which lead him back to Piedmont.

He presents a wine that is pleasantly spicy with notes of leather, tobacco and herbs- a darn good drink. Equal parts Nebbiolo and Barbera, ‘Tutto Rosso’ holds true to the characteristics of these grapes- rich, well-balanced, soft and persistent. Deep, rub red color with slight hues of garnet trap the sole. The delicately ethereal nose of balanced intensity- soft ripe fruit and light spices fetter you to the glass. Rich, well-balanced, soft and persistent; respectful.

Serve with  antipasti or Pappardelle with Lamb Ragù and a dollop of fresh ricotta and chopped mint. Perfect for beef tenderloin with fresh herbs and mushrooms,  as well as, stronger aged cheeses. 


"Come un Volo" Barbaresco DOCG


"Passione di Re" Barolo DOCG

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"Un Buon Momento" Moscato d'Asti DOCG

A little taste of Asti in every sip-  flowers of sage, orange, acacia, lime and Mediterranean fruit. This is a balanced treat, sweet and inviting tastes. A harmonious lightly sparkling and refreshing wine.