Cantina Bolzano


320 hectares - 100 members/growers

350 - 800 meters above sea level


South Tyrol - Alto Adige - Italy

Cantina Bolzano represents the best of both worlds in the South Tyrol, combining the growing traditions of over 200 growers from 320 hectares of Bolzano’s finest vineyards. The region’s largest co-op, Cantina Bolzano, or Kellerai Bozen, its moniker in the regional German tongue, merged some of the regions oldest indigenous varietal producers in 2001, bringing in prized plots to their already impressive collection of vineyard sites spread throughout Bolzano. The winemakers behind Cantina Bolzano label themselves “young and full of vision for the future.” By joining the traditions of this intriguing region with the youthful mentality of this innovative group, we can expect nothing but greatness from this already decorated winery. 


Alto Adige Pinot Grigio

This mountain Pinot Grigio is bright, full of snappy acidity and alluring minerality. The dazzling golden wine has a rather robust body for a Pinot Grigio. You will fall in love with the aromatics: white flowers, lovely tones of citrus peel and apple skins and crisp pear. Serenity in a glass. 

Pair it with a fresh fennel and orange salad at lunch. Invite a friend over over for dinner-marinate squid salad, grill some sea bass and a side of farfalle with lemon and garlic. 


Alto Adige Eisacktaler Müller Thurgau

Ethereal aromas of late summer apples, yellow flowers and peaches bewitch your soul. Cantina Bolzano’s Müller Thurgau has a light to medium body with a pleasant fruity finish that leaves you yearning for more.

This is an excellent aperitif to toast with friends. Having a light meal? Partner this classic with fresh green salad with passion fruit dressing. Hungry? It matches swimmingly with gently spiced Thai dishes, deep-fried fish, prawn salad and shellfish. 


Alto Adige Weissburgunder Pinot Bianco

A classic representation of one of the region's oldest varietals, this Pinot Bianco (weissburgunder) shows aromatics of yellow apples, pear, and white stone fruits, balanced harmoniously with a delicate acidity that dances around the palate through the finish. 

Cantina Bolzano sources the grapes for this Pinot Bianco from steep vineyard sites carefully chosen by their head oenologist for an optimum balance of ripeness and acidity. A centerpiece of their classic line, this bottling functions as a business card for the delicate and elegant styles that represent the illustrious Cantina Bolzano.

Et Ret Chardonnay.jpg

Alto Adige Chardonnay

Dry and warm soils contribute to the delicate ripeness of this elegant chardonnay. With vineyard sites ranging from 250-500 meters in elevation, the grapes see just enough warmth and sunlight to develop an even balance of acidity and fruit.

Gently pressed and stainless steel fermented, this fresh bottling shows tropical fruit aromatics and a flinty, mineral-driven core that leads through the finish. With acid, mineral, and fruit coming together in perfect harmony, this wine can be enjoyed for simple light dish pairings or for serious swirling.


Alto Adige Lagrein "Perl"

Linking the Riserva line and the classic Lagrein Grieser, this balanced bottling shows a little skin with savory, intense, and complex qualities underlying a ripe smooth surface. Dark garnet in color with rose petal and cocoa bean aromatics, Perl is both tempting and sumptuous from start to finish. Velvety tannins and light minerals interplay on the palate, making this bottling a pleasure from start to finish.


Alto Adige Lagrien Rose "Pischl"

Bright ruby red in color, this rose shows delectable acid and fruit balance that makes it a no-brainer for easy summertime pairings. Gentle pressing and a short maceration period go a long way in this floral, fruity bottling. Dry, with a fresh and persistent acidity, Cantina Bolzano’s rose demonstrates notes of violet and marzipan on top of the classic strawberry and cherry notes.

Pischl is a harmonious and thoughtful rose reminiscent of the relaxing summertime breeze rolling through the slopes of the Dolomites.

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Alto Adige Pinot Bianco "Dellago"

Pinot Bianco (Weissburgunder) “Dellago” has popping aromas of perfectly ripe melon and stone fruit that play beautifully together is the glass. Creamy yellow chiffon in color- this wine has an elegant rich mouthfeel that that is equal to its fab flavor- intense and pure. Apples and tropical fruit, and minerals taste powerful, yet elegant with a long finish.

Serve this winner with your simple yet pleasingly graceful meals- roasted poultry, hard cheese and grilled vegetables. A youthful wine, delicious with
hors d’oeuvres, lightly-flavored starters, pasta, risotto, white meats, vegetarian dishes and fish. Perfect as an aperitif. 

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Alto Adige Pinot Nero Riserva


The fertile soils of Renon, above Bolzano, are the home for the pinot nero grapes used in this riserva bottling. High altitudes and climactic shifts help bring these grapes to optimum ripeness, where they develop excellent complexity and concentration. 

Fresh fruit and a lovely brambly quality proceed spicy cinnamon, clove, and tobacco, coming together harmoniously for a bottling full of intrigue and delight. The wine spends time in used French barrique as well as time in bottle before leaving the winery: the result is a finely tuned and unique pinot that is sure to capture the attention of any and all who try it. 

Et Ret St Magdalener.jpg

Alto Adige St. Magdalener Classico "Huck am Bach"

The families Huck and Bach joined their vineyard sites of schiava and lagrein in an effort to create a classic and regionally specific style worthy of aging but also approachable in its youth. 

Grown side by side and aged in large oak vats, the two grape varietals come together in clear harmony, showing ripe bing cherries, marzipan, and bitter almonds on the nose and palate, with medium weight and great length. Paired with game, roasted vegetables, or hard cheese, the complexity of this wine shines. 

Et Ret Lagrein Taber.jpg

Alto Adige Lagrein Riserva "Taber"

Lagrein thrives here, and Cantina Bolzano produces this bottling from only the finest and oldest vines. Benefitting from the stark climactic differences of day and night, the grapes are concentrated, dense, and powerful. 

Taber is a wine with impressive tannic structure cushioned by lush, chocolatey, and supple qualities. Fully ripe black cherries and floral notes define the nose of this wine, while an earthy and rugged tannin gives musculature and intensity to the palate. Supported by 12 months in one or two year old French oak barriques, this smooth and velvety wine is surely a centerpeice of Cantina Bolzano's finest work.

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Alto Adige Sauvignon "Mock"

Cantina Bolzano has been producing Sauvignon Mock as a varietal wine since 1987. Mock, the single vineyard is more than 600 years old and produces deliciously tart and elegant wine of the most sparkling clear citrine tourmaline color. The nose is grassy with playful herbs, citrus fruit and earthy pears. This is a persistent wine; elegant active acidity, powerful though restrained, with nutty bread and minerals at the finish.

Enjoy Mock with a snack of fresh goats’ cheese and smoked salmon pâté & crusty local bread. Vegetarian dishes, salads, or even a hot asparagus & cheese tart. With a life of 5 years, there are many pairings to try.