The farm of La Mannella encompasses 56 hectars of fertile land in the prestigious hillside of Montalcino. The vineyards are located south of the city of Siena and in close proximity to the smaller walled city of Montalcino, which gives its name to the wine.  The Cortonesi family devotes about 8 hectars of hilly, rock-filled earth, with perfect exposure, to their classical production of Brunello.  Two hectars of land is filled with olive trees from which they make some of the most delicious oil in Tuscany. Pictureasque pastures and dense forest occupy the remaining 46 hectars.

 At La Mannnella, the husband and wife team of Marco and Patrizia work hard together. He is the winemaker with a Masters in Oenology from the Institute of Technology and Agriculture in Siena, while she manages the vineyard operations for the small winery. La Mannella is a young company, though strictly a family business, the first bottled vintage was 1990.

 The Cortonesi are very traditional in their approach to wine making, allbeit they incorporate modern technologies that help enhancing the quality of the wines. The favorable location of the vineyards combined with its rocky soil, contribute to the making of a deep and elegant Brunello filled with beautiful fruit flavors, well suited for long ageing. Brunello di Montalcino is also one of Tuscany’s most rare wines highly sought after by collectors, as well as, discerning consumers. Since its area is so small (some 3,000 acres compared to Chianti’s nearly 41,000 acres Brunello di Montalcino fetches a fair price, this situation is unlikely to change in the future.         tech sheets