Cooperative De L'Enfer    Via Corrado Gex, 52, 11011 Arvier AO, Italy

 The cooperative winery, founded in 1978 is located in the small town of Arvier in the most north western area of Italy. The 107 small plot growers have vineyards on the left bank of the Dora Baltea River, at an altitude between 700 and 900 meters above sea level.

Enfer’s vineyards are a natural amphitheatre lined by deep steps where vines grow and develop at their best in a 100% organic way, thanks to the microclimate. The vineyards are placed on the rock of the Alpi Mountain. The rocks adsorb heat during the day and release the heat during the night, by this process the grapes can extract most of the sugar from the plant and synthesize most of the anthocyanin which is know for it antioxidant qualities.  Enfer bottles 3 wines: Petit Rouge, Mayolet, Pinot Gris, all of which grow perfectly in this exceptional climate as they have naturally for years.       tech sheets