Marina Danieli

35 hectares

120 meters above sea level

Friuli Colli Orientali doc

Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, Schioppettino, Merlot


Udine - Friuli-Venezia Giulia - Italy

The name Danieli has always been associated with one of the biggest steel industry groups in the world. Marina however, has chosen to follow her love for the local country side and its beautiful surroundings by devoting herself to the vineyards on the symbolic rolling hills of Buttrio, and later by expanding into hospitality. As the third generation of woman, her daughter being the fourth, to oversee and run the lands, Marina has brought the Estate to a much grander position than she found it. She grows indigenous grapes on the hills and flatlands of Buttrio that were carved out by the glaciers. The land is rich in minerals for farming.

Marina has worked long and hard in honor of her families name. Borrowing an old symbol of the family; ‘il mus’, the donkey, which stands for stubbornness, strength and resilience it, also is a reminder of Marina’s grandfather and his witty sense of humor as he chose it as a family’s emblem.


Pinot Grigio Ramato Friuli Colli Orientali doc

Like rose gold in a glass! Made with extended contact between the grape skins and the must, this slightly copper-colored wine opens with aromas of orchard fruit and spring blossom. Shimmering! A satisfying complexity, it's generously aromatic, carrying forth slight tones of dried flowers and spice, distant citrus and tea leaves. McIntosh apple and tangerine zest alongside fresh acidity.


Ribolla Gialla Friuli Colli Orientali doc

Fragrant and linear, delicate scents of spring tree blossoms and fresh picked green apples with a good mix of white peaches, pears and lemon zest. The mineral note adds support while zesty acidity gives it a tangy vibrant finish.


Schioppettino Friuli Colli Orientali doc

This unique wine made from native (and almost extinct varietal up to a few years ago) Schioppettino grapes opens with a gamey, dried herbed nose. Then breathtakingly it livens on the palate- with a crumbing of freshly milled black pepper, cool weather baking spices and black fruit. The wine has a slight tartness and sourness and leaves a lasting impression thanks to the healthy integrity of its fresh fruit.


Merlot Friuli Colli Orientali doc

Unmistakably merlot in the nose! It’s a mellow wine full of plum, red raspberry and mild oak. Soft, silky and suave. Well intergraded aromas of black cherry, damp forest, tobacco and spice are balanced with good structured tannins. Blindly you trip to Bordeaux.