Molinetto di Diego Carrea

7 hectares

300 meters above sea level

Gavi docg


Francavilla Bisio
Alessandria - Piedmont - Italy


The hills are a live with the sound of Cortese.

The farm was left to Diego Carrea a few years back by his father. At the time of his father's passing Diego was pursuing a different career, far from the world of wine in which he grew up. Life changes, you are left to make choices and with 7 hectares of Cortese vineyard in the jewel of Gavi, the choice was not hard.  Working with the memory of his father, in the name of family, on the land of his ancestors- what more could one want.  

Making organic wine in the beautiful hills of Piedmont, with cool sea air and soil rich in history, is Diego's world now.   Two wines, one grape, on a plot of land grown in an organic manor paying tribute to the soil and grapes: you can taste it in every bottle: a fragrant and fruity white wine, soft and elegant. A Gavi worth singing about.

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Cortese from the heart of Gavi grows out of dense calcareous clay soils, lending itself to a hearty mineral focus at the core of these wines. Manually harvested and gently pressed in whole clusters, the delicate and quietly elegant nature of this wine speaks in hushed tones. Fermented and aged in stainless steel the true expression of the terrior shines through this wine with a harmony of soft yellow fruit and pleasant mineral freshness.

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"Re . Lys" Gavi DOCG

Grown from vines dating back to 1964, this bottling is the magnum opus of Molinetto. The clarity and focus of their cortese shines through a soft layer of complexity added to the wine from a third of the production spending six months in French oak barrel while the rest ages in stainless steel. A brief period of skin maceration adds another layer to this contemplative, lovely wine. Perfect for oysters, risotto, and even truffled dishes.  


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