15 hectares

300 meters above sea level

Erbaluce di Caluso docg, Caluso Spumante docg,

Canavese Rosso docg


 San Giorgio Canavese
Turin - Piedmont - Italy

In the Alpina foothills of Northwest Piedmont, Gian Luigi Orsolani and his father, Francesco, and too his fathers father, have been the pride of the area since the late 1800’s, they are the 3rd and 4th generations of the families winery. The Orsolani’s are one of just a handful of producers still working with erbaluce, the Orsolani family name is synonymous with the local white variety that loves to rust out in the sun.

When most folks from the area packed up to Turin to work in the factories of Fiat, grand dad Orsolani’s respiratory issues were best treated in the fresh air of Canavese’s rolling hills. Soon he realized that his weakness had become his strength, purchasing the nearby vineyards that were tossed aside. By 1910 Fiat was the largest car manufacturer in Italy and the Orsolani’s, with their newly acquired lands were, by default, the largest farm in the area, with a total of15 hectars. Respect for nature is the base of working, to minimize the impact on their territory and safeguard health for them and for their customers. They use only organic fertilizers and low environmental impact treatments, according to EU rules. Works in vineyards is mainly manual with little use of tractors; in the cellar the use of enological products is minimal and energy is almost fully generated by a photovoltaic station (solar) with an expected yearly reduction of CO2 emissions of 20 tons.

While they are best know for their erbaluce, also in their stunning repertoire: sparkling spumante of erbaluce, refreshing rosé and reds to rival the region’s best.


Erbaluce di Caluso Spumante docg M.C. "Aurora"  (vintage)

Vintage Metodo Classico Erbaluce Spumante at it's best, this is what dreams are made of.  The first fermentation is partly in wood barrels and partly in stainless steel tanks, while the second fermentation in bottle occurs in the next Spring. Bottles are at a controlled temperature in conditioned cells. Refining on the lees for until it reaches a pleasant maturity.  Ripe aromas of bread crust and dried fruit tones.High-density mouthfeel with honey, hazelnut and mineral notes.


Erbaluce di Caluso “La Rustia” DOCG

“La Rustia” means "the roasted” in the local Piemontese dialect, named in  reference to the sloped vineyard’s ideal location for maximum sun exposure.  100% Erbaluce, fermented in stainless steel; a complex white wine with delicate layers of peach, melon, grapefruit and citrus rounded out with notes of essential oils, sage, lavender, and flowers.  Dry and zippy; pairs well with lighter foods.


"Acinisparsi" Canavese doc

Barbera Nebbiolo blend with 15% native varieties including  Neret of Bairo.  An easy going wine that is respectful to the local traditions.  good ripeness of the fruit, elegant aromas of black cherry, small red fruits such as currant, floral notes and a light memory of plum jam, austere balsamic notes but integrated in a balanced way with a noble and immediate tannin, pleasantly confused with a final sensation of sweetness.