Tenuta La Viola

12 hectares

50 meters above sea level

Albana docg - Albana Amphera igt - Sangiovese doc


Forlì-Cesena - Romagna - Italy

The Gabellini family moved from  inland Romagna to Bertinoro and in 1962 purchased the land with Sangiovese and Albana vineyards, then bush trained. Wine was an important part of the farming tradition, and serving it on the table meant sharing with guests one’s love and pride in the fruits of one’s labour. Even back then, it was not just refreshment, but way of uniting people, a chance to spend quality time together.

They have always believed in organic farming, which they have practiced with certification since 1999. No chemical insecticides are used on the crops, preserving public health and that of the vines themselves, enabling each vineyard to maintain its natural equilibrium, its aromas intact, its vibrant colors and enveloping harmonious atmosphere.

For The Gabellini's, wine is a tradition and passion that permanently binds them to the land. They firmly believe that the history, experience, dedication and professionalism of the people who work it all come together in the quality and character of the wines it produces, making them unique.

Frangipane 2016.jpg


This wine, to the family, is a return to the past when the Albana was the main grape variety vinified in their Estate. “Frangipane” is the name of the Countess of Bertinoro “Aldruda Frangipane” famous for her heroic participation in the defense of Ancona under siege by the German imperial troops.

100% Abana- fresh, bits of saline, herbaceous, mouthwatering. A classic wine.

Oddone 2016.jpg


This wine was born about in 2005, from the idea that it is not always necessary to drink a complex, structured wine, but that simplicity and agreeability are perfect characteristics for certain lighthearted or relaxing occasions.

An easy red with typical cherry berry goodness. Dried red beach roses and fruit.  A delicious everyday wine.