100 hectares

400 meters above sea level


Padova - Veneto - Italy

Salvatore Lovo along with his wife Rita Ferasin and their daughter Silvia operate the family winery Terregaie in Vo’ at the western end of the Euganian Hills; a region steeped in winemaking tradition. This modern and dynamic winery produces about 100,000 bottles of high quality estate grown Prosecco from the picturesque & highly favored hillsides of the Padova province. Centrally located in  the heart of Veneto’s wine production area, the Terre Gaie Winery and Lovo family has been cultivating these lands for generations. 

The winery was built in 2004 midst the Lovo and Ferasin farm lands, which have been in the family since the 18th century. With about 50 hectares (120 acres) of southwest facing vineyards, they grow chiefly indigenous grapes Fior d'Arancio, Prosecco, Semprino, Incrocio Manzoni and Pinella along with some international classics: Chardonnay, Cabernet and Merlot.

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Prosecco doc

Their flagship wine, Terre Gaie Prosecco Brut is 100% estate grown Glera. Delicate bubbles with a zestful mouth and a classic 'brut-style’ dryness that is never too sharp; at the same time it maintains a balanced fruit quality. This late-ripening grape produces flirty, fruity sparkling wines. With secondary fermentation in steel vats its flavor is clean and crisp. Spun gold in color with a fresh and delicate nose of fruity aromas, TerreGaie Prosecco Brut has a fine and persistent mouthfeel that is honest, elegant and lively. 


Claris - Pinot Grigio doc

The Volcanic soil of the Euganian hillside is fabulous for growing Pinot Grigio. Claris is a soft straw color with glistening highlights of honeydew. A fresh, inviting, light bouquet of juicy pears and crispFall apples with a hint of mineral. This is a less ripe Pinot Grigio with delicious minerality and fun thirst quenching acidity. Harmonious, elegant and persistent- Claris is a charmer.


Chardonnay igt

This fresh stainless steel fermented Chardonnay is bright and balanced with a touch of riesling to add a bit of sass.  Mouth filling, inviting citrus makes this easy wine totally enjoyable . 


fronte kali.jpg

Kali - Sauvignon igt

Fun fruit and green grass! This is a fabulously fresh and splendidly zippy wine.  Tart and tangy grapefruit, dry with a light body that is bursting with powerful aromas. 


ELLIE 2.jpg

Ellie - Pinot Noir Rosato igt

 Rosato brings a smile to your lips, Terregaie’s Pinot Nero Rosé keeps the smile there- medioum rosé in color with delicate raspberry tints- it glistens and dances in the glass.  The bouquet is fresh, flowery, delicate and fruity with hints of red strawberries and currants. Fresh, smooth, well balanced with good acidity and minerality.

BRANDO 2.jpg

Brando - Cabernet Franc igt

What an earthy, plummy bottle of love!  An easy going Cab Franc that doesn't bring those green notes that can be so off putting.  Leather, cocoa, and fruit. Refined tannins with good acidity. 


Stema - Pinot Nero igt

The cool hillsides of Vo’ are wonderful for growing Pinot Noir. Stema Pinot Noir has a spirited and fruity bouquet with notes of freshly raked Maine blueberry mixed with wild forest floor strawberry. A lovely, youthful and bring pinot of soft rosy garnet color. Wide and full in the mouth: pleasant, harmonious and persistent, with soft tannins, and an ever so slight vanilla finish.


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