Tessari    Via Fontana Nuova, 86, Monteforte d'Alpone VR, Italy

The Tessari family have Soave in their blood. For three generations they have been extracting delectable wine from the well cared for vines of their Monteforte d’Alpone vineyards. With only a little over a hectare of garganega grapes in the prestigious area of Soave Classico, Antonio Tessari hand dug his cellar back in 1933 and started the legacy that continues today with his grandchildren: Germano, Antonio and Cornelia. 

The young, skillful brothers share the same strong spirit for making Garganega that their father Aldo did. From vineyard to bottle and through the supply chain- these three siblings oversee it all; with unwavering respect for tradition, quality and passion for the art of winemaking . The highly suited 12 hectares of Garganega vineyards: "Magnavacche", "Costalta" and "Castellaro”, have not been altered since their parents held rank. Today the production is far different, with a new, well equipped winery completed in 2007. The Tessari trio are able to continue the down the path that was established for them when Antonio painstakingly shoveled the first rock eight decades ago.

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