12 hectares

170 meters above sea level

Gropello doc


   Padenghe Sul Garda
Lake Garda - Lombardy - Italy

Lucia Zuliani works as her father did and his father before; always allowing the wines to do what they want, never forcing their hand. As one of the founding families in the lake Garda area, they have worked the lands for many generations. No wood, old cement. Sustainable. 



Balòsse Groppello

The vineyards are the product of the cloning of ancient Groppello plants; autochthonous vine typical of the Brescia side of Lake Garda. 
The production is limited to 60 quintals per hectare of grapes. Maceration and fermentation on the skins for 15 days with frequent pumping over. After the alcoholic fermentation, malolactic fermentation is activated. Afterwards only the must must be used for the production of Groppello Balosse.

Permanence for two years in vitrified cement tanks; the decantings are carried out according to the various temperature changes and seasonal changes. Then bottled; the bottles are laid in baskets where they remain for another two+ years at a constant temperature of 16 °.  This is serious stuff, not your kid brother's groppello.